Every code needs an upgraded at some point.  Now its the turn of the Language Code.

English is stupid.  Ludicrous. Non-sensical. Irrational.  Bordering on the insane.

In fact, it's worse than that.

There is even some argument to say that the spoken language is not actually 'English' at all since something like only 20% of english words are spoken as written, and for many of the rest, you cannot even use the rules of the language to say it properly.

eg the word 'one.' Following english rules, there is no one, anywhere, that would, or could, conclude that it is pronounced 'wun.'

N9l resolves all of the problems in English in a series of 'rules' for Upgrading English to the language it is hovering around becoming, the language is was perhaps always meant to be - the language of N9l.

In 'english', the suffix '-ish' means 'kinda like' or 'diminutive of'.  We say 'engl-ish,' is kinda like, or the diminutive of N9l (pronounced engl)

This is not semantics, or NLP, or semiotics - those are all like playing around at the 'windows' levels of the minds 'operating system.'

This is 'hacking' at the 'machine code' level of mind: the alphabet, and upgrading the code for the whole 'OS' of mind as a result.

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