the 3 core rules

These three rules will get you from 'English' to a working form of N9l very quickly.

 Some of the words will be 'fully N9l,' others will be 'N9l-ish' due to other syntax and alphabet rules you'll learn about later.

Rule 1: No Descenders

There are no descenders in the N9l alphabet.

English and other languages who share that alphabet have descenders. These are the characters that drop or ‘fall’ beneath the line.

so the alphabet looks like this:


the fallen ones are:  g j p q & y.  While not in many fonts, the 'f' is also often 'fallen' beneath the line in handwriting. 

N9l does not have any fallen characters.  

so the alphabet looks like this:  

This is the same as on some old stencils.  There doesn't seem to be any real reason for them to be 'descending' in the first place. 

The letters of the latin alphabet are currently 'meaningless symbols' which refer only to a sound, as in this Oxford dictionary definition

In N9l, the characters all have a progressive meaning which is almost lost entirely when they 'fall' like that.  

You will be able to learn more about this later, but you don't need the theory to be able to use the alphabet like this.  


Try to write with no descenders from now on to give your mind a chance to get used to the feeling of it.  

N9l will change the way you experience the alphabet mentally, but it is not a theory. You have to do the writing to know.  

It will feel strange at first as your mind 'uplifts' those characters and will take a few weeks to get used to it.

fun fact:

The reason a '9' is used in the 'N9l' name in public arenas is because most people do not have fonts that permit this core rule to be respected.  

Since the '9' is the same shape as a 'g' in many fonts, it's an acceptable substitute.  With some of the other descenders, you can just use the capital to substitute, like with P, Y and J to form 'N9l-ish' words.  

Change your Computer to Uplifted Characters:

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At first it is strange, but the more you immerse yourself in 'uplifted characters' the more you will notice the differences over bodies of text, and begin to appreciate them.  

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