a wee word if you think every victory on earth belongs to the rothschilds/elites etc

These wealthy families are not the only players, and they are by no means the highest echelon.  By your attributing every single shift in the wind at their feet you are missing the indicators that give you space to act and use your power, but in hesitance, and belief in the omnipotence of a few resource wealthy families, you truly give the game to them while munching on apocalypse popcorn and supping know-it-all-juice.


Yes, they have resource, and yes they can benefit from most shifts because they can adapt and look for opportunity.  Just like you or I.  Pull yer head out of yer myopic ass and grow some faith balls, and then go use that power of yours to bring some change.

If you are walking and talking you are a player and if you are in a big huff because some other family has a few more chips in coin, then snap the fuck out of it.

Humanity needs players on its side, with a belief that change can happen, not that every single thing is rigged - there is nowhere to go with such thinking, and no hope but apocalypse.

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so why dont we get really good choices in politics

so why don’t we get really good choices in politics?

Why is it a choice between Bad and Evil options in politics? Because really Good people don’t go for those jobs.  And the few decent folks who are in there are not powerful enough to swing traditional voters, so idealists go for them, but not practical people (eg Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn).

No, really good people want their cushy private lives, they want to make good money, have a good time, maybe buy a nice place, build a business, settle on land or some other personal dream.  They do not want to go toe to toe with evil in an arena it is well established.   Until that changes, this is as good is it gets, and the eagle eye view is so honest in my eyes.

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a word to the young if you think the old sold you out on Brexit / Trump

a wee word if you think every victory on earth belongs to the rothschilds/elites etc

a word to the young if you think ‘the old’ sold you out on Brexit / Trump

For those ‘young’ who blamed ‘the old’ for losing the future of Europe with Brexit,  or for the loss of Hillarys ‘I’ll back your right to fuck anything and force everyone call you whatever you like an be nice to you if you vote me in but, as I told you, I will invade Iran, Assad must go, and we will treat cyber attacks like any other attacks (muttered in the direction of china and Russia)’.  But just because she was a woman who was into 'fuck anything and genital mutilation' enforced tolerance (sorry, LGBTQIA+ rights), folk were happy to vote her and world war 3 right in.

Did you all notice how everyone in the world was celebrating Trump - except lefties, the young, the new agers and academics (oh, and warmongering globalist corporates).  From the middle east to russia, the world breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

Her showcase ideology policies were to mask her total warmongering and the collectivists (poor personal boundary) bought it hook line and sinker.   ‘The old’ know what it is to live with sloppy boundary because most folk do when they are young.

Then you learn what happens and you learn the value of personal and group boundary.  Only co-dependents and those lost in new ageism* don’t (that last group will catch up when they hit their next chakra and they understand Space)

Personal and group boundary are what allows free will and specialisation and personal peace and wellbeing to happen: not enforced homogenisation and forcing everyone to ‘tolerate everything’ as if their natural, personal individual position was somehow morally inferior.

Space and Boundary are what allows people to live with freedom from oppression and all the other lovely values the clinton/remain brigade so often spout.  Not the oppression of the majority and enforced integration, but healthy space and freedom to live in zones that celebrate ways of life.. Oh wait, we have those - they are called countries and communities.

Go form a commuity to live that way instead of dictating  to the whole world they should live by your ideals.  Then, when you do that, like the 'old' generations before you (who helped Brexit / Trump), you'll find out why you need boundary - its an experiential process, not a theory, so no snappy comebacks from zero experience because I've seen communities all over the UK try to live by idealism and every single on is falling foul of good ol' human gripes n foibles.  Because you can not idealise those away, you can only pretend it for so long.  The communities that DO make it all do so either for religious, business or figurehead reasons.

Our individual position is our uniqueness and no matter how much we may not like anothers, they have a right to it, no matter how dumb it is to you.  They have been given a space in the world the same as you by the same unknown forces – you are entering fascism when you want to force peoples behaviours and thoughts.

And if you take a position of superiority, your just another narcissist with no respect.  Sadly, many in academia and city states are exactly that due to their techno culture.

No, the left and the so called ‘awake’ in the remain and Clinton camps need to snap out of it, grow up, and instead of seeking to undo in panic, they need to realise the difference between aspiration and ideation and ‘where we are at’ as a species.  The truth is out there, they just don’t want to look, and frankly, the mood of that camp is contributing to the very miasma that the evil forces want.

2016s politics was a great victory for humanity. But it means that all the buried feelings are going to come up now – because the window dressed ideology mask has to drop, and truth of our human writhings must surface before it can be mastered.

It is not likely to be pretty in some places, but it feels more Real to me, because it is the truth.

The most oppressed minority on earth is the individual, and in 2016, they spoke.

This was Part 3.

Part 1 Brexit and Trump make 2016 a great victory for humanity

Part 2 the madness of the city states and academia over Brexit/Trump

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the madness of the city states and academia over Brexit / Trump

There is so much babble on the web about ‘how could trump get in’ and ‘how could brexit happen’  and all these allegedly educated folks run around their cities trying to work out the psychology of it all.

You see, you cannot actually trust the opinion of people who live in city states, nor the students, to understand what is at stake with things like unbounded immigration.

Picture a restaurant or club in paris, London, prague, LA… or a university campus in the same: other than for the menu, you may not know where you are.  There is a homogenised monoculture already present in all the city state and university.   They have nothing to lose with such policies.  Nothing.

London is not indicative of ‘the UK’, nor is its racial mix, nor its culture.  Similarly neither is Paris of France, Prague of Czech, nor LA, DC nor NY of America.  Nor are the university campuses.

These city states and academic institutions have already lost their connection to the national heritages and so do not see anything lost with more people coming in.  Indeed, for them, there is nothing lost, for they have already lost it, or in the case of the city states, natives have never ‘had it’: instead living in the mini ecosystem of that city.  How can they be trusted with decisions of national sovereignty?  (I’m just mirroring back to those mental snobs who said that about ‘the racists’ and ‘the country folk’ and ‘the old’)

As for the millennials, well, they cannot really be considered national citizens for the most part – not to exclude them, but because most of them did not grow up playing out all day in the fields.  Most of them have been brought up immersed in television and the internet, making them global citizens by default, national citizens secondarily.

And if you look at the interests of many of them, that is indeed how their values seem to run:  global interest first, then local.

So, the two main groups that voted Democrat and Remain could not, if you ask me, be trusted with the vote due to their disconnection with the price.  I happen to know that many in academia have the same thoughts about the ‘backward rural folks’ who voted Trump and Brexit:  that they did not know what was at stake and perhaps should not have been trusted with the vote.

Funny that.

This was Part 2.

This is Part 1: Brexit and Trump make 2016 a great victory for humanity

This is Part 3: a word to the young if you think the old sold you out on Brexit / Trump

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Brexit and Trump makes 2016 a Victory for humanity

If I could pick anyone, ever, that I could stick in any decade of (euro)American history and they would fit perfectly, it would be Trump.  Stick him in a Stetson and spurs and dump him anywhere on the US of A timeline.  He fits. He, for me, is the archetypal America (Not the same as ‘american’).  Bolshy, arrogant, flash with cash, confident, bonkers, sexist, emotional, volatile, bold and generous gestures (within the limits of his vision), quick to change his mind, slightly immature…   I love the fact America put him in.

For me, at least it’s a dumpling of a human that got in with seemingly local vision, and responding to the human feeling in America with his own, rather than its showcase ideologies.   There is a human honesty in his imperfection, despite the people he hangs around with.  Compared to Babylons top choice: anything-goes warmongering Hillary pretend-at-perfection, openly talking war on new fronts and gung ho for it (ie ‘If I’m the president, we will attack Iran;’ ‘Assad must go’)  but repeating all the showcase ideologies to woo the academia and youth who haven’t been around long enough to see what folks like her are really about.

It was not a vote for the ‘lesser of two evils’.  It was a vote between ‘bad and evil’ for me.  And thankfully, the vote was for the bad choice (just like Brexit/Remain – another result I am happy with).

It would be nice if everyone can learn the distinction with wonderful examples like this recent US election and Brexit.  M Scott Peck wrote a whole book about the difference between bad and evil because he reckoned folk had lost sense of the difference.

Clinton is just evil: pretends to be doing it for good, but it really and quite obviously is not.  Trump is just trump.  He does not connive and conceal in quite the same way.  If you busted him, he would eventually admit it: but never ever folks like Clinton, Blair et al

I would rather die in a world war started  by Trump having some mad irrational teenage reaction  to something than by the cold and calculating step by step agenda of the Clinton/Bush Cartel of recent decades.

I know the end result is the same, but I see the wonderful divine comedy and honest reflection of humanity in Trump pressing the button instead of Hillary because ‘it was the time that we planned all those years ago.’

Another reason I am glad about Trump is that, just like Brexit, it shows there are more thinking humans willing to own their feelings and claim them than idealists and the young who seem to simply lack the personal boundary themselves to understand the value and purpose of boundary on a national and international scale.

The collectivists did not realise they had been wooed by the globalists and, still now, cannot seem to see the horrors that lie ‘that way.’

The most oppressed minority in the world is the individual, and in 2016, they spoke: Brexit and Trump were victories of individualism over collectivism for me, and I consider it a victory for humanity over evil.

The Only Problem Is...

The very ones who claim the positive progressive open minded ‘awake educated informed position (more liberal left feminist press from the guardian to huff post and most MSM) are doing whatever they can to overturn the revealed fact that they are in the minority as a perspective.  They refuse to see this and call everything from conspiracy to recount to denial.  Instead of looking at what could be learned, they have instead defamed and insulted the Brexit/Trump camp with their naïve presumption that the most vocal groups in the runup and aftermath are the majority of those that voted that way. 

Instead of looking to the hordes of thinking individuals from free marketers to libertarians to sovereign thinkers to well educated, well travelled individuals ’.  They’re not mouthy because they don’t seek a platform to try to get others to live like them.  I cannot speak for any or all of them, but from what I have seen, that is generally true.   So, the mouthy lot – the racist and bigoted groups who do seek a platform, well, they seem to get the ‘credit’ by the MSM because of the volume (and especially from the collectivists and their outlets) and woe and wailing follows instead of enquiry and adapation.

The hypocrisy of the so called open minded ‘educated awake’ is staggering in their close minded and bigoted behaviour and lack of ability to see beneath the surface here – and really, their opinion can only be taken as half the story, as with the tale of the individual is only half the story.

We of course have to interact with other nations.  But we should certainly not homogenise: that is a madness of cancerous proportions.  Literally. The illusion of diversity with the loss of exactly that:  and that is why the opinions of the narcissistic self –appointed ‘educated informed elite enlightened evolved ones’ who live in large cities and academia and many ‘new agers’ need to see the lens they are missing, and until then, their view is filtered and cannot be trusted to be sensible.

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Do you have Alien Mind: a ‘Visitor’ in you?

I have found most Westerners have an alien mind: a visitor, firmly embedded in them. How do you know if this is you? Here are some questions that will quickly reveal the case: 

Do you 

A: like to visit nature (as compared to seamlessly experiencing yourself AS nature).

B: refer to 'indigenous people' without referring to yourself?

C: view the 'earth' (mud/soil etc) as being 'dirty,' or to be avoided, or not trodden on without 'footwear'. 

Where is one speaking/thinking from if this is the case?

These are not the behaviours of a native entity to this planet. I am NOT saying ‘an actual alien is in you’. I AM saying that your mind IS behaving like a visitor, a disembodied observer, an ‘alien’, if the above is true for you. 

Some of you may even consider yourself a ‘visitor here’ and consider it a position of ‘spiritual’ knowing, achievement or wisdom, just waiting for the next escape route, ride off or ‘cosmic travel.’ 

I believe this is a pandemic mental disease of epic proportions in the West. That of mental disembodiment and in my Shape Shift/Character Development work I deliver the cure: Conscious healing of the aspects of mind that this ‘visitor’ dwells in. 

The Toltecs Are On It

The Toltec teachings were a foundation in my life, in my teens. I don't mean just Carlos Castaneda, but Theun Mares, Don Miguel Ruez, Ken Eagle Feather and others. I have been a practitioner, not a rhetorical theoriser of this immense path, and I respect it greatly, though I now have my own body of work on Character Development and The Word. 

There were mysterious titbits in a few books that got my attention years ago, and it is only when I realised the above that I realised I was coming from the same place as these warriors, but from my own perspective and foundation. 

Don Juan mysteriously once referred to ‘the flyers’ as ‘feeding on the awareness of man,’ and that the work of discipline of the warriors path was to enable a man to hold his power. When quizzed by Castaneda about what the ‘flyers’ DID to man, Don Juan replied that ‘they gave man their mind.’ 

Don Miguel Ruez refers to something similar, but takes greater personal responsibility (not that DJ ever shirked that,) with his writing on ‘the parasite’ in the mind of man. 

The others make either little or no mention of it in the writings I have read, but I have not read ALL the works of these great authors. 

This is my contribution to that body of work, I call it ‘the Visitor’ or the ‘Alien Mind’ but the qualities match both what Don Miguel Ruez refers to in his Four Agreeements and The Fifth Agreement, and in Don Juans mysterious allusions. 

Don Juan and Don Miguel Ruez were right in my opinion – this ‘non-entity’ IS feeding on the awareness of man – your awareness by taking your time, your attention and by influencing your behaviours. 

Other indicators that you have a ‘visitor’ in you: 

Do you sometimes talk to yourself as ‘you’? ‘why did you do that’ ‘you didn’t handle that so well, did you’ and so on? 

And the final clincher – were you taught that triangles, circles and squares were the basic shapes? If ANY of the above applies to you, then you have ‘visitor’ consciousness in your mind. 


A (potentially inherited) portion of mental consciousness that is unable to integrate with the rest of body, emotion, experience and the remainder of mind. 


It is the wrong shape. It is a part of mind that is non-indigenous, a distant observer, and, like a square peg trying to be crammed into a round hole, it can NEVER fit while it is in it’s current shape. 

Just about every mental wellbeing tool in the world is a COPING STRATEGY to ease the impact of the Visitor. We get told to ‘silence mind,’ ‘quieten mind’ or ‘leave the mind out’ as if it were fundamentally flawed, when really, it is desperate to integrate, to participate, to stop being disembodied as it is. This is why it spasms and lashes as it does. 


Yes and No. 

No because everyone is used to living with LOTS of ‘visitors’ around them, so there is no ADDITIONAL danger to what you already know. 

Yes because it is deadly. Literally, for all of us. It is only a visitor/'alien' consciousness that can make decisions that are of serious detriment to self or otherlife on earth or its habitats and ecosystems. No native or indigenous species does that. Only a fool or a non-native can make decisions and take actions that endanger or destroy the very thing one is dependent upon for survival.  

A 'visitor' is not so concerned, and as a 'parasite' it has little knowledge or connection to the survival and wellbeing needs of its 'host.' 

The behaviours of truly indigenous tribes compared to those that Host the ‘visitors’ around us shows this difference quite obviously: 

Natives make decisions, build and live in harmony with their environment and resources.  compare this to ‘visitors’ who use resource indiscriminately, trample and impose their structures over what is naturally present, often ‘converting’ healthy native environments and materials into unhealthy, seemingly ‘unnatural’ ones. 

This danger cannot be overstated – many behavioural indulgences, fixations, obsessions and addictions in those affected with a ‘visitor’ are just because of an inability to embody, feel embodied or feel PART of the world. Change and action that has been decided will be beneficial, progressive or desired/desirable is not taken due to the hijacking of that embodiment energy by ‘the visitor’ and it’s decisions. 


Who Cares? You came to earth, natively and indigenously! Your body is of the earth, will always be of the earth, and will return to the earth when you ‘finish’ with it. That means you came to BE native, so you could be effective. 

If you were truly a ‘visitor’ you would have come in ‘Craft’ or some ‘lightbody’ and been unable to stay very long, or be very effective here. 

The fact your consciousness is ‘visiting’ is being confused with what I am referring to here, which is a disease (parasite) of mind. 


Learn coping strategies like meditation to mitigate the impact of this ‘parasitic visitor’. Don Miguel Ruez has published what is probably THE most distilled widely available beneficial work on the subject. It’s not the most thorough, but it IS the most distilled you’ll be able to get. 

Or you can learn to CURE and HEAL this part of your awareness, by changing its shape for good so it CAN integrate and your mind, experience, emotions and spirit will flow seamless, in-the-now, as you will already experience in moments of dance, lovemaking, a good walk, meditation and suchlike. 

This is a service I believe is uniquely offered by me, in the form of Shape work and Character Development. Look for work on this site on the basic shapes or character development for more information or an event to attend or course to book onto. 

If one is not available, connect with me for 1-2-1 work or to go on my mailing list. This website will be updated with more material on the subject, but over time.

An Intro to the Basic Shapes

basicshapeswrongIf you were taught that the basic shapes were triangles, circles and squares, you were taught wrong.

Only the circle is a basic shape. The Square and the Triangle are not basic shapes, but secondary: they are made up of one of the other true Basic Shapes: The Line.

The Line and the Circle are the two original basic shapes, the ancient symbols of the masculine and feminine.

The Line and Circle are the base of all technology in binary (O1), and contain the entire number sequence (01-10). In number, they are the zero and one and the ten, and in character, I,l and O. These carry with them the knowledge of gender, relating, change and more. They are understood by the tools that draw them:

The Ruler and the Compass.

The Ruler draws the Line (and crosses it where appropriate) and measures, determining VALUES. Discriminating & discerning where necessary. This is the shape of Charge and Change. This is the Royal I, the Royal 1

The Compass/divider navigates by feeling out fluctuations in the space, and bounds spaces to include. This is the shape of Form and State.  This is the Royal 'We' and refers to within the State.

When these two forces operate together: The King and Queen, Ruler and Compass, the masculine and the feminine, Change and State, they complement and produce the third basic shape: The Spiral

We live in a spiral galaxy with spiral cloud patterns, spiral water patterns, spiral shell patterns, spiral leaf patterns, in fact, spirals everywhere that denotes the balance of the masculine and the feminine, except in our species.

In our species, you don’t get taught about the line or the spiral. The two shapes that bring Change. The men are collared and cuffed, and the Line that describes their qualities is obfuscated from your education, along with the teachings of The Ruler that go with it.

The symbol on ALL masonic buildings in the world represent those true basic shapes: The Ruler, The Compass, and the G, which is the shape/symbol/character at the heart of the spiral.


Don’t believe the nonsense that the ‘g’ is about god or architect. That would be a bit of a foolish/amateur mnemonic for such a sophisticated organisation, don't you think? No, this is a about mental conditioning, disembodiment of the mind, and the slaughter of personal sovereignty: ‘I’ through control of the education of the most basic foundations of mind and thinking.

The basic shapes are such because they are natural and uncontrived: they are present as fundamental principles in nature, and thus turn up in the smallest organism to the largest star system. The secondary shapes do not exist commonly in nature at all.

A mind built on the natural shapes is rooted in nature, and thinks from within it, as part of it. It is indigenous.

A mind built on the secondary shapes is disconnected from nature, ‘visits and observes it’ and thinks from a disconnected perspective – it’s a ‘visitor’ here, alien: not indigenous.

Shapes become characters (O,I,l,L), become numbers (01-10), become words, spells, thoughts, expression, maths and the tools of deepest expression and most nuanced insight. If the basic building blocks of the mind are based on a layer removed from nature – at its foundations, the most things build with it are flawed too, just like the leaning tower of Pisa.

The flaw in this instance is disconnection from environment and self. Disconnection from the body and manifestation: disembodied mind. It is a pandemic of epic proportions.

Get the cure by learning, using and understanding the basic shapes and heal the shape of your mind so it can ‘fit’ in the real world.

Book onto one of my upcoming Webinars or come to a live event to explore more on the true Basic Shapes.

Redefining Mental Health

Having read a fair amount of Psychology, and having worked in the mental health field for a number of years, I can safely say that the western culture has a woefully inadequate approach to handling those we classify as suffering from 'mental illness' or 'mental distress'

Mental distress/illness is not well understood. With Psychiatry and Psychology being such young practices, it is not surprising that there is still much generalisation in diagnosis and not much actual non-drug based treatment directly available to the growing number of adults experiencing mental distress of some kind at some point in their life.

As far as I am concerned, we live in a culture of the mentally ill and those we call mentally ill are just the worst fall out from this pandemic of disembodied mind and self-attacking mental framework.

When you consider how most people talk to themselves, think about themselves, think about others, and then modify their behaviours around that, there is a thin veneer of social capability concealing a torrent of paradox and contradiction.

This is usually coupled with some form of self-medication or another - from drugs and alcohol, to obsessive exercise, yoga and meditation, to sport and escapist media indulgence.

These are usually 'coping strategies' to stop one having to deal with what is actually going on in their mind.  Even meditation seeks to still the mind in most instances rather than to fix whats wrong with its oft-spasming behaviours.

My work is unique in that it delves directly into that arena of the conscious rational mind and 'fixes the program' rather than silencing, stupefying or avoiding it.  It is fixed through reordering, disassembly and an understanding and education on its  functional aspects.

I had been running my own events for a number of years and I was used to people coming to me who were both consciously willing, and consciously able to work on themselves.

I continue to work in that vein and my work is either greeted with incredulous wonder and excited love and interest in the potential and its immediate effects, to outright malice and venom.

I must say, the latter is usually from those who are so mentally fixated that there is little or no agility or nimbleness in their mental framework and they are simply not able yet to delve into the mystery of their own mind (they may be able to USE mind, but it is unable to 'look at itself' yet.)

Having worked with  many social groups, I wanted exposure to some of those who were perhaps not so consciously able, or not willing, and to try to work with them so I sought work within the mental health industry.

I had originally studied Psychology at university and left in disgusted disappointment (no offence to my psychologist readers) at so many things - admittedly, I was young and arrogant, but do not regret leaving now, though I have had moments in my life.  The point being, I decided to delve back into the field now I had some tried and tested insight and experience.

My findings were that many workers in the field, even graduate psychologists and psychotherapists, often made situations worse because of their own lack of personal insight and honesty. That lack excacerbated most peoples situations rather than making them better, and it is no wonder medication is still the favoured method of treatment in most cases.

Make no bones about it - medication is usually the Chemical Cosh.  Unable to electrocute or baton them into docile compliance, medications are used to suppress emotional and mental energy so that a persons behaviour can be more manageable, and more socially acceptable.

I have seen some cases where this is appropriate during times of crisis, but the rest of the time, this is merely a poor substitute for proper care and a path to wellness - all borne from the fact that people don't really understand mental illness and its effects, even many 'professionals.'

I would say that the vast majority of mental health cases I have seen do not have their roots in the mind at all, but are rooted in the emotions/emotional body and that what we see behaviourally is emotional issues with mental effects.  There is a small percentage that do demonstrate genuine mentally-rooted problems, but these are definitely the minority.

When fixations or trapped energies seek expression, they can come out with a measured balance of mind and emotion.  Or they can come out unmeasured and undextrous.

These behaviours and fixations are what become judged as 'the problem' rather than effects of the problem.  In truth, there is no 'problem,' it is merely a series of behavioural modifications as a result of certain fixations of mind and/or emotion as a result of past interest/curiosity or experience.

This, with the right support and guidance, can become a dextrous and mindful expression rather than spasmic, or, if the issue is fixation, the mind can be coaxed into releasing its vice-like grip on ideas, conclusions, fantasies or delusions - but but but: only with the appropriate guidance and support, often over very long periods of time.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are 5 factors that determine the potential for success:

1. The personal insight and honesty of the practitioner
2. Their skill and toolsets
3. The conscious willingness of the patient4. The conscious ability of the patient
5. The support group around both practitioner and patient.

I have worked with those that claim conscious willingness, but in truth, they are not willing.  I have met those who claim ability, but they genuinely are not yet able.  Those two factors: the conscious willingness and ability of both patient and practitioner are the main ingredients for the recipe of a journey to mental wellbeing, but second to that, is the support group in the community, professional and lay.

I am greatly saddened by the  state of play in the arena of mental health, due to the massive misunderstanding that take place due to lack of insight (of the staff), and in the community because people are judged as being 'mental' or 'crazy.'

I can safely say that most people I have encountered all have 'episodes' where their dexterity of expression is utterly chaotic and damaging, sometimes maliciously so (tempers, jealousy,  mind games, ego and arrogance) and fixations/obsessions of belief are no worse, just better managed.

When I say my work is mental healing - I mean it, because it address the root of fixations, the root of mental distortion, the root of disembodied mind and the  root of perceptual fixation.  It is as applicable and usable to the everyday person as it is to those who struggle with emotional and/or mental distress.

To make a start on this yourself, check out the following as a starting point to this huge subject area:

Understanding the bodies
Learning to SEE Again
The Wrong Shapes
(links to come) contact me if they are not live yet!

But thats just in English!

I often get comments emailled/youtubed or from people in the audience saying 'But thats just in English'

I have to try REALLY hard to keep my patience on this one.

Mainly because I do understand, really, I do.  But it infuriates me all the same since I hear it time and time again.

First of all - I'm not stupid.  I know it's just in English.  I'd have to be a pretty arrogant/stupid sod to think that every word translated verbatim into every language in the world. I have students who speak many languages, but sometimes, you have to dig deeper than listening to a 1 minute clip or hearing the first few words of examples that I use before leaping in with such 'wisdom.'

I use polarised and simple examples just to get people started.  To get into the depths of the functions and specialisms of the various languages is a complex and profound aspect of the linguistic and spelling nuances of our species.  It's not how you start people off!

Two things to address - one is in relation to spelling in general across languages, the other is in relation to The First Word.  These are two points that I'll deal with separately because they are different.

Click here for spelling in General, read on for the First Word:

The First Word is NOT English.  Nor is it Spanish, nor Czech, nor Russian, Arabic, or any other damn language!

Just because 'God' happens to be a Name in English, (as Allah is a Name in Arabic and Brahma a Name in Hindu), the First Word is NOT A NAME!  Strictly speaking, it's the crossover sound/word from Sound to Word, where a sound doesn't necessarily refer to something while a word does, which is a point of the utmost interest to any linguistic philosophers.

Just because 'God' happens to be 2/3 correct (yes, that is 66.66666%), and the closest linguistically to The First Word,  it doesn't mean the The First Word I am suggesting is wrong.  If it upsets your sense of linguistic superiority or makes you think I'm suggesting some kind of linguistic superiority, I'm not.  I AM suggesting that languages are functionally different though, and some are better at some elements of referencing than others.

I'm just saying this just happens to be the closest Word to the Correct One, and it just so happens to be in English.

I didn't make it up, I'm just pointing it out to you, so please please PLEASE put down your linguistic upset and get it into your head that the FIRST Word is NOT a word in ANY language. This is difficult to grasp because you think in a language - almost all the time, so its difficult to think of a word that ISN'T in ANY known language.

The Word itself is Simple.  Healing the warped and distorted perception and perspective on languages, hierarchy, and mental alignment and understanding is not.

Of course, the First Word will turn up in most, if not all, languages somewhere.  If it isn't in yours, then don't look to me for an explanation - that is down to your languages capacity to reference What Is accurately, not anything to do with my interpretation being flawed or off the mark.

Now.  I hope we've put THAT one to rest.  Looking forward to all the rants from all the mentally superior know-it-alls who are ready to call me down - let me save you the time.  I'm not interested.  I've heard it.  Suspend what you know and consider what I am saying about The Word as it is and lets go from there.

It is genuinely New Paradigm and sits beneath your rational mental framework, which includes your entire linguistic and philosophical capacity, so none of those thought forms can help you, until you look at the entire premise.  So here is another piece of the puzzle for you.

So, if it isn't a Word as we know it, then what are we dealing with here?

We are dealing with a sound that is in an inseparable structural relationship with the world. The shapes which represent it are not linguistic, though they turn up in languages.

The shapes are standard in their function. The sound is standard in its function.  Your mental conditioning at a linguistic and philosophical level is not.  Getting you all to understand this, regardless of your mother tongue is not the easiest task in the world, in fact, it's one that has pissed me off for a decade, but thats only my frustration at getting through your conditioning, not the obviousness of the points I am actually making.

So, without further ado, lets look at the structural geometry of The Word so you can understand it.

The Wrong Shapes

Watch this free very basic introduction to Shapes.

Shapes are the foundation of thoughts.  Shapes, geometry and maths are the arms and legs of the mental body/aspect, just as feeelings/emotions are the limbs of the emotional body.  If this is a bit abstract for you, join today to explore Understanding The Bodies in one of my videos.

Shapes, when given context, become the numbers and characters of alphabets.  When these are ordered and referenced, they become words and spells of reference, and reverence (importance).

Words form your thoughts - your deepest and most important tools of reference.  With them, you express and share your innermost desires, your highest aspirations and express your most nuanced experiences, feelings and discoveries.

The fact you are taught the wrong shapes, and more specifically, secondary and tertiary shapes, as being 'basic,' it means your mind is one or two steps removed from the real world.  It produces the effect of disconnected mind, that is, a mind that is reflective/objective in relation to the world, but it is only partially a participant due to this basic layer of connection and relationship being missing.

This is astronomical in both the implication and the reality of its effects.

With the real and corrected basic shapes, the mind is able to 'enter Now' and become an integral participant with experience and life.  From this position, a layer that underlies language and rational thought, the arrest of character development and expression can begin to be repaired.  The layers above - maths, geometry, gender and character (alphabet) can be repaired/healed, integrated and then built on progressively and functionally.  This then gives space and capacity for the healing of expression, communication and mental processing.

I cannot stress enough how significant and important getting these basics right is.   Only once these are corrected can the rest be truly understood.  The level of manipulation, abuse and false teachings we have been subjected to is truly incredible.

Once the secondary shapes are explored and understood, and their prevalence in positions of power around the world are testament to the fact that this Shape knowledge is known by some, but has distinctly and definitely be suppressed and concealed.

If you would like to explore the next levels of Shapes, and further your understanding of the basic ones, then sign up, sign in and join an event or course that addresses them.

Learn the true, Natural Basic Shapes