Are You Mental?

The emotionally-polarised self sees 'mental' as 'crazy.' That is the view of the emotional body/self, when really, what they mean is 'mentally ill.'

The term came into frequent use in the uk as an accolade of how accomplished you were as a youngster, or it was where I grew up in Scotland! eg "wow, did you see what he just did, that was mental." or at a party "mental, mental lets go f£$%ing mental" pumping out of the speakers.... ahhh pardon me a moments nostaliga.

Once one truly penetrates to the mental realm however, that is, the world of meaning and the mental body: feeling and Seeing mind.  What it truly is to be 'mental' from a mental perspective takes on new meaning and it has nothing to do with 'crazy.'

Crazy could be considered a disorganised or chaotic  mental framework, or one which struggles to, or cannot, relate and refer to others.

'Mental' is a highly organised, nimble, acute mental framework, where one is much more able to truly see the perspectives of others, and have a much greater capacity to understand and relate with both self and others.

These are very different, as you can see.

The mental world of ideas and perspectives is a sea to be navigated and explored with increasing nimbleness and play - feeling out/Seeing meaning, nuance and implicitness and relationships and potencies. We share a sea of mental substance and emanations in the same way as we share physical space and physical emanations.

It is the world of the body of geometry, shape, number, character (the alphabet), maths and idea. It is also somewhere where we can meet, and explore, but the sensation of a 'meeting of minds' is very different from a meeting in a coffee shop.

We use language that evidences a shared space, however, and the substance of mind is no less real nor less precious than the physical substance, it is just less understood.

[note_box]examples that evidence shared mental space in language are:

"I can see where you are going with that but I have a different point of view" or
"Hmmmmm.... I can really see your point" (meaning 'what you are pointing at')
"I can see you don't have a clue what you are talking about - you are stabbing in the dark"

When we are using such phrases, we are usually gazing into 'near' space where the physical world is slightly blurry.  This is when we are navigatiing mental space.

These examples indicate a clear sense of direction, location, subject and spatial awareness. It's not physical space because the ideas do not reside in physical space, in the same way that feelings do not exist in physical space - they are different dimensions or Qualities. These indicate that there is a shared world of meaning we are all astute at sensing and moving in to some extent, but it is just not conscious in most of us.

So, in this instance, 'mental' means 'in the realm of meaning' or 'in/of the mental body.' People who are 'seeing' mentally will often stare into near space when they are listening intently to someone, where the physical body is still (possibly nodding ,frowning or shaking head) but the mental body is navigating in its own realm.  I have never met anyone who does not do this, they just need their attention drawn to the fact.

Watch yourself! You probably do that all the time as its totally natural. People who are becoming 'mental,' that is, centred in the mental plane/body rather than the emotional plane/body, are often increasingly confident of their own quirky perspective on things, and are much more willing and able to think outside the social norm.

There are issues and pitfalls aplenty though as the deep sea of Meaning has many currents and dodgy paths, just like the physical body/plane!  In fact, it is more akin to a maze, full of twists and turns that can leave one spun into nothing, going nowhere but rhetoric, and justifying all kinds of nonsense.

The world is full of such half-mentally aware folks just now and I find it quite painful to watch, but it is a necessary phase as we move ever closer to mastery of mind, emotions and body, individually and as a species.

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This is one of the first spells that really got me.

This is an example of where context and emphasis has us looking in the wrong direction! Thinking it means 'way in' just because its above the door, and the social emphasis implies an 'i' rather than an 'a' in 'trance'... so most people say 'entrince' rather than 'entrance' as it is written.

It means only one thing - to put into a trance/to place under a spell.

Consider what is ACTUALLY HAPPENING in all shops around the world. A part of the GREAT PARK that is the world has been boxed off. Inside it, someone is putting on flashy lights, fancy packaging, and maybe even music too to entrance you, to entice you, to convince you that their wares, product or service is the one for you. Of course, this aspect of the Entrance is not exploited by some modern minds, but the effect and purpose is still the same for all large corporations. They require people to believe the spell of satisfaction offered by their products or employment or whatever, otherwise, they die (through lack of custom)

Join now to learn about Exit...

Get Now,Here – Integral Mind

The language and spelling work I teach has the effect of getting Now....Here with the rational mind - both in its expression, and presence.  It is a state I call Integral Mind, where the mind is present Now.

What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever heard of the personality, lower self, or mind referred to as 'a reflection,' usually implying of something greater, like the soul/(Sole) or higher self?

It doesn't really matter if you have or you haven't, but it is a good term for how the conditioned mind works. It is a relfecting entity.

This means that it reflects upon what has been, and what may come, but it is never HERE,NOW.

Some argue the rational/conscious mind cannot exist 'NOW' but that is nonsense - it already does, but does so in a place I call the 'pre-conscious.'

The pre-conscious is like the RAM or cache in a computer, and your everyday awareness is like the operating system sitting on top of it. In that way, it exists now, but your entire interpretation of the world is built on whats in it, right now, You can't see its operations as the 'daily you' is resting upon it to look at the reflection of the world that is its description.

What does that mean? Well...close your eyes. Breathe. Then open them. How long does it take you to decide the nature of the space you are in (eg room, hotel, park, cafe) and that there are objects and decor in front of you, and that there are floor coverings or not, furniture or not, people or not. How long does all that take?

Actually do it now - close your eyes, and then open... and feel how long it takes.

It's pretty quick, eh? 🙂

Now. The ability to name all those objects and to have a sense of spaces are conclusions about the world. If physics, chemistry and biology are correct at all, then we all live in a living sea of energy and molecules, with no void between them as they all rub up against one another. Your conclusions about micro-fields within the larger energy field/molecular soup in front of you is an interpretation of those fields before you.

It takes time for you to catalogue all those things, but you have a massive library - huge! You know the taste, texture, temperature range, and sound of most materials and objects and you built that catalogue in infancy and beyond. Thate library describes you and the world and your conclusions about it - whether something is important or not, whether you have an aversion or not, whether something is safe or not.

Its a busy old business keeping that massive catalogue alive and available every waking moment!

>STUDY getting into the pre-conscious with me today! - link is missing - contact me<

Your conscious mind rests upon that description all the time, and only 'kicks in' once certain aspects of orientation of awareness have taken place - every single moment! Since your conscious rational is so much slower than the perceiving part of self, it simply reflects upon what has already happened, or worries about what might happen, but it isn't quick enough to 'get now,here'

examples: Something will happen and a person will exclaim "did you see / feel / hear that?" That is reflection. The mind has reflected upon the event, but 'wasn't there' - it was triggered BY the event, but didn't seem to be doing anything DURING it.

Similarly, we can see a worried look on a partners face and that can trigger our mind into concerns about the mortgage or whatever else is going on for us just now. Once again, the mind is reflecting, causing a train of thought, and then triggering feeling amnd behaviours, but it wasn't NOW,HERE about it.

Examples of Now,Here'ness are difficult to give because they are different for each of us - that is, the part of the 'experiential I' experience that you notice may be different than that I notice.

Changing the mental framework and use of character and alphabet changes how the mind reflects, and therefore how it behaves. Working with Spelling and Character Development in this fashion leads to doorways that lead the mind back into NOW that cannot be discussed, only experienced as your RAW MIND comes back into your attention, revealing itself from behind and around the fixation to social ideas and perspectives, through windows of opportunity in YOUR world and life, your unique part of NOW,HERE.

Study with me to unwrite your description of yourself and reclaim the full power of your Raw Mind and get Here!Now! The world needs you Here, not reflecting... 🙂

The Gender of Communication

Gender and sex have been a taboo subject in the recent history of western culture, resting firmly behind the façade of the ‘gender war’ and the ‘fig leaf’ in polite society. This has meant it has fallen way behind the rest of our social, personal and spiritual development in collective awareness.

Modern times has seen a surge in sexual openness, honesty and media (I mean coherent discussion and exploration, not just porn), but this is still way behind what gender and sex are about, and can offer. In general, people are just becoming comfortable with honesty about their sexual needs and interests without shame or guilt – and those are the ones doing well!

Some are now coming to terms with the sexual aspect of gender, but as with all aspects of human energies, it has higher correspondences. The ability to understand and use these other expressions of gender well is utterly inhibited by our shyness and evasiveness of true honesty on the subject at the physical levels.

Sex energy is an expression of gender, but at the other levels of expression, the language is no different. The next level we’ll look at in this article is Communication.

Communication is an expression of Gender energy, no different to sex being an expression of gender energy. Pure gender exists fully in all of us, an even balance of masculine and feminine, but manifest sex is usually clearly fixed, man and woman. Both men and women have the full capacity of gender though – we are all complete beings.

All mammal foetuses are female first, if you didn’t know, but testosterone at a certain point in development causes the changes of which one effect is the protrusion or pointing out of balls and penis instead of the same raw material remaining internalized and developing as ovaries and birth canal. This female-first in manifestation point will be addressed in another article.

In communication, the role of ‘male’ and ‘female’ can flip many times in a conversation, and manifest sex makes no difference. The misunderstanding of this is the number 1 reason for failed communication – where you didn’t get your point across.

As with the manifest sex, the one in the male role is the one making the Point. Always. The one who is listening is in the female role, as they are, in an ideal setup, open and receptive to the point being made.

While the one making the point is in the male role, in many modern ‘communication’ scenarios most people are just waiting to make their point too! In this instance, there is no female. They are not in active communication which is about the transmission (male) and reception (female) of ideas so that conception can take place.

When in that state of ‘just waiting to make a point’, we have a 'crossing of swords'  scenario.  The 'speaker' is doing what is called expression or presenting, the other is simply waiting to do that same.

It is the communication equivalent of public masturbation or rape, depending on the particular nuance at the time – everyone just wanting to make their point and/or not caring about the position of the other.

This form of expressing has a place as often we do just need to offload, which is what both expression and masturbation is about! Or, if someone wants to make the same points to a wide range of people on different occasions, we call this a ‘presentation.’ Most people are very used to this form of idea transmission, but it can be very bland and usually takes no account of ‘where you are at.’

But if you want to communicate. You need to engage gender. You need to engage an understanding of sex so that the other can get your point and conceive what you are talking about.

This is why we talk about concepts. When you can effectively transmit yours, you can allow others to conceive what you are talking about.

To get good at communication, you need a good understanding of sex and the various stages of it: it is all about arousal, penetration, alignment, climax (aha!), planting seeds, conception and birthing of new ideas. Missing any stages out leads to the abortion or deformed results. Have you ever had someone feedback to you what they thought you said and you thought ‘WHAT? That wasn’t what I was saying at all!’ – welcome to the world of seeking communication mastery.

Perhaps you didn’t wait to see if they were aroused (interested) or aligned with you (paying attention, and 'with you') before you went ahead. Perhaps you went ‘straight to the point’ and they weren’t open and receptive to your advance. The results can only be that which is undesirable – an ineffective transmission.

This if the equivalent of mind-rape, or proverbially ‘wanking in their face.’ The words are intentionally graphic because that IS what is happening in the mental world of ideas and conception. For someone like me who can See in that world, it is that ugly to behold!

Think about when you want to advance on someone for sex. Do you give up after the first try, or try something different? Do you playfully seek mutual arousal and good alignment so a strong and excited connection is made? Or do you hungrily rush to seek to ‘fill the hole’ within? Do you rush to climax, or adjust and align so the best connection is made before ‘seed planting,’ or ‘seed receiving’?

Understanding these energies within yourself sexually gives you the exact correspondence for effective communication. It may take longer, but its usually more mutually satisfying, effective and empowering.

Presentation and Expression are closely related in that they are indifferent to the audience, and are the same for whomever. Communication is Living, Fluid, it constantly adjusts based on the moment before and takes perfect and respectful account of the other parties, be they a large audience or a single individual.

The gender imbalance and taboo of our culture means we don’t know when its appropriate to be in which gender - we don't even know about them! The over-shy and quiescent struggle to claim the space to make their points, and the passionate and confident eagerly wait with hard points for all and sundry.

It is possible, and easy enough, to flip gender in communication – to breathe and realise that if someone is making a point, give it a chance, be open and receptive, let it penetrate you so you may conceive with it.

We all have a know-it-all in us, but it does not ‘know-it all,’ despite what it thinks. Give respect and give others a chance to plant a seed in you. You never know what it may grow into (a baby looks nothing like a sperm and egg!) Likewise, if you are not good at making points, seek arousal and interest, get aligned with your audience or recipient, then have a go!

This is a very simplified introduction to a huge subject, but hopefully you have a flavour of the point being made.

For more on this subject, book onto a course/talk, or book me for a 1 to 1 or to speak to your group.


Money Manipulation, Mind Manipulation

Money is actually a gender issue. It is one of the forms of Currency. This is a masculine energy and is an expression of the Current of Charge.  Your bank accounts will be charged at times, and bankrupts are discharged at the end of the process.  We have 'charge' cards or charge our credit cards. There are four primary forms of Currency as expressed in this short video (watch before reading on):


What a (monu)mental bait 'n switch! All the while you thought 'change' was the coins you are given back after a purchase when in fact - it is the new item food, or service in your  world that wasn't there before!

So when you spend money, its actually a unit of Change, which is a masculine force.  The damming of money by the wealthy and super-wealthy around the world is directly linked to the collaring of the men, the ascendancy of State, and the lack of a humane change in the world.

This is because money is treated as a security instrument instead of as a unit of Change. So, people feel secure when they have money and insecure when they don't.  This fear-based commonplace strategy actually strangles the change the world needs! This is a complete mind trick to fool you into 'saving.'

While you think you are 'saving' to bring the change YOU want in the world, the banks and institutions you have given your money to are spending it NOW to maintain State, which is to maintain their power while campaigning to hobble yours!

You are saving nothing but State.  Your are not bringing the new future, but empowering the old as long as you let them hold and use your money.

The harbingers of the future are hobbled in their capacity to bring change because the aspirational say 'my new world doesnt have money in it' so they expect anything 'new paradigm' to be free, not realising in transitional times, you convert the old world into the new.

You transform the old world into the new by using what is here now to bring what is wanted.  That is Change. Money can be converted into new tools for you and your family, new skills, personal development, land, seeds, or investing in projects or people YOU believe are bringing the change you want to see.

Consider: If you are not spending your money on the New World you deeply desire, then all it can do is support and uphold the old with it. 

Watch the second part of the money and change series here:


Consider who and what you want to support and start letting Your full range of Change flow - be it labour, giving or using natural credit, barter or investment in a new course (why not try one of mine?), or investment/donate to a project that you love.

Please, please, please do not let it sit in a commercial bank or investment fund as their collared and cuffed managers are the ones investing in war, chemicals and madness - with your money, your Change energy.

and you thought you were 'saving'…...

Money is an expression of the universal resource of charge, a  current.  Nature only hoards such resources in winter or in dire need. We are in dire need, but not of further hoarding! Let your change flow freely, don't be afraid!

Here's the last clip in that series:

I shall now unabashedly admit I accept donations through paypal  and I step forward unashamedly as a harbinger of Change hobbled by the balance between affordable and accessible events and content and having a family and massive projects to get off the ground, such as:

- the periodic table of language: a unification of alphabets as a singular mind map of human consciousness

- Healing The Word, promoting the cleansing and correcting of the most important Spell to all humans - The First Word

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Thank you so much if you choose to support what I do in any way, and no matter what Change you support - please don't let it give any more power to the current State!

There is a fifth form of currency not addressed in the clips because I don't have a proper name for it - Perhaps Grace is the best term for it?  And that is when change and providence magically happens in your life seemingly from nowhere.  Always a good sign you are 'on track' but difficult to pin down to one of the other four forms as sometimes it really is just magic 🙂

Its Reining Men

Men are collared, cuffed and well-and-truly tied.

There are places we cannot go in the Western world unless collared, and if we are not careful, a special type of public 'servant' known only by their collar number will be called (police.)

We live in a graded collar system - blue collar, white collar, dog collar (church), and of course, all police are known by their collar number.

I ask you: who wears collar, cuffs and a tie? Only slaves and prisoners.

No historian can give you the facts on how this came about. To me, I'm not interested in what folks had for breakfast 5000 years ago, or what the latest fashion was in the 17th century.  I want to know about symbols and cultural norms that affect me now, today.  If I can't get an answer, then what good is the 'history'? what else is it missing?

The answer is :  'not much' to the first and 'more than you can imagine' to the second!

The collar and tie system is Reining the Men.  One of my missions is to shatter the collar, rip off the tie, and free men to be 'off-the-cuff.'

The result? Reigning Men.  Raining Men! Hallelujah…about time.



The Myth of Patriarchy

If this is a ‘patriarchy’ we live in and are oh-so-often reminded of, then why is it the men who are collared, cuffed and tied?


You have been mislead somewhat by even the so-called ‘awake’ or 'spiritual' in their naivety and well-meaning spiritual piety, where they have missed the levels standing between ‘you here now’ and ‘spiritual oneness.’ It is innocent but misleading. It is not a two level affair, but a manifold multiplex of microcosmic layers that furl up to the macrocosmic whole. Yes, we are One, and Yes, you are Spirit in a body, but the Story is much grander and more interesting than just that!

Let’s get to the nub of Mens Issues. Not survival and knots, though those are useful. Not building and wrestling, though those are part. No, the nub is a total and complete mind-mash by society and culture to demonise you and make sure that you know you are the sex responsible for all the worlds woes, and to not trust your brother ‘cos he wants your woman, your money, your kit.'

Most people are not even aware of the levels this game is being played out on!  The nub is a mindgame down to the level of shape, character and spell that manipulates the very thinking tools you have so that the very ideas you come up with will be flawed, vulnerable and incomplete because the tools you were given were blunt and wonky, and the story of the world you were devising for are as skewed. This is the arrest of character development and it goes back further than any historian can tell you – because their mind is as hobbled too.


The Way of the Male is Coming

‘Be Be Be’, ‘accept the perfection of the now’ inhales blissfully the feminine Being energy in meditation classes and spiritual retreats all over the globe…. ‘I See that, but this needs to Change’, Comes the Masculine discriminative Charge energy. The energy of Change. The energies of Pointing and of Coming.

This is what the collars and cuffs are about. Using the masculine  Change energy to maintain a State, which is feminine.  State has collared the Change energy to maintain itself. Men wear collars, cuffs and ties as express representations of that.

Make no bones about it - I am talking about an exact mirror between the spiritual/cosmic energy of the manifesting Sole(soul)'s Coming and the edifices of State out in the world preventing it through the collaring of the men, and demonising gender at a lower level 'beneath the fig leaf.'

So effective is the collaring of the masculine energy that even the awakened struggle to come to terms with it. Even the men line up to judge and demonise their own sex, while they accolade the ‘resurrection’ of the‘feminines superiority’ in modern times, such is their woeful conditioning and misleading near-perfect.

May as well run back to mummies arms and suck our thumbs, whimpering and glad the women came to save the day!

It is a myth we are in a patriarchy if (Nanny) State is in dominance, out of balance with the current of Change.

Your Being, your acceptance, your receptivity, your feminine is accoladed and hailed as pious and virtuous by proponents of State.

But your Coming, your Change, your Charge, your action, is not welcome.  Those with true state-changing ideas are not well paid, not well supported or reported by State Media and are often defamed, sacked or deemed 'fringe' or 'alternative' to prevent there full penetration into the minds of the masses.

The energy of Coming is the masculine and it is the drive of spirit to penetrate matter. The pressure of Charge builds in every man on a regular cycle and this is unwelcome just about everywhere in culture (except when a female 'wants it',) and even the so-called spiritual will affirm their (alleged) sexual-desireless androgyny as a mark of their alleged spiritual superiority.

Pah and Blah! The testorone cycle of men will sweep upon them as relentlessly as the menstrual cycle of the woman is undeniable. But while women collect their blood in little pads and cups and flush them away when their ‘period’ is upon them, men secret themselves away for a quick (or not ;)) and spasmic shuffle, ridding themselves of precious Charge and pretending it was never there… reaffirming their ‘new maleness’, while their Coming fertilizes sewers and socks around the globe, until the cycle continues and the ‘period’ is over, until next time….It is worthy to note that woman are born with all their egg follicles, as testimony to 'state/form' while the new energy, the  charge of change comes from the men in a sperm made new every day.

The unwelcome of the Coming of Man in both culture and in partnerships is a DIRECT mirror of the hypocrisy in most peoples lives where, despite experiences, knowings, SEEings and insights, the feminine personality refuses to bow to welcome the pressure of the innermost spirits desire to penetrate this world IN BODY, by breaking old habits in two, by changing behaviour towards each other utterly (not just friends/like minded folks), by acting with the Power of Charge in our encounters in the world.

No, instead, in our effete know-it-all-isms, we talk about our experiences and insight, we talk about our charge and belief and we refer to our insights as magical, subjective, but fleeting…. Armchair experts allowing the ego of personality to claim the credit and retain control, while the frustrated spirit screams patiently, silently and unheard, its face as contorted as the ‘climax moment’ of all the men in their bedrooms, closets, bathrooms, at keyboards, and in front of screens as the temporary release from the Energy of Coming is granted them…secretly they mop up and compose themselves, pretending it never happened…

But the cycle of spirit is relentless, as is the renewal of sperm in the man. It will Come On, again and again, wave after wave until finally, we surrender…. And realise its exactly what we wanted and needed, and wasn’t at all what we expected.

No, The Coming of Man is not welcome – we are constantly told to Be, be be…accept accept accept…. Our feminine energy has been made so strong that the voice of change can never harness the power that lies behind it due to the inability of men to harness and master that force – the force of Charge/Change. Every time the charge of a young man spasms out in its infancy of expression, it is judged, bullied, ostracized and castigated. It can never blossom into its full beauty in such a cultural and family situation – the beauty that will blossom to meet the needs of Self, family, community and species given the chance. No, culture and socialization has made the blossoming and Coming of Man unwelcome and a subject to be scathed, all the while blaming and demonizing men for all the worlds woes despite the clean hands of every new life. In fact, many men I know will stand first in line to judge and blame their own sex, such is the power of the Collaring.

Similarly, the energy of Change is as unwelcome in our entropic State in the world. Discuss a change too dramatic or drastic, and one is bullied, jeered at, defamed or called derogatory names like ‘conspiracist,’ ‘environmentalist,’ ‘loon,’ ‘activist,’ 'terrorist,' and the like.

Men have thrown the baby out with the bathwater in relation to their gender energy and suppress it either to the point of denying it exists, or to only be vented in secret sessions or in 'approved outlets.' Culture would have it all repressed, but 'acceptably vented' in sport stadiums, pubs, game consoles, and in pornography, or suppressed, subdued and distorted with copiously available alcohol and drugs.... and we call that 'patriarchy'?

I seek the uncollaring of the men, the cultivation of the power to be off-the-cuff, and the blossoming of the masculine forces to their full form.  My gender events for men and to help that process.

Why not come along?  Check the events calendar or contact me for 1  to 1's.

Change State. State Change.

Is You The Great I Am?

Is ‘You’ the Great I AM, or What?

‘You’ is not the great I AM since ‘I’ is Here.

‘You’ will find ‘I’ where ‘You’ end and ‘I’ begin.

‘You’ is how ‘I’ speaks to I’self.

There is no Me, Now-Here, only We: i, and I, Pupil, with Pupil

The One which is Right, and That which is Left; The Rest.

‘You’ are, of course, Right already, but don’t ‘You’ want to see That which is Left? The Rest?

‘You’ may already Be, here, but ‘I’, ‘I’ is the One that is still to Come,

‘I’ is just getting started and ‘You’ hasn’t seen anything yet.

‘I’ is Coming.

Can you here ‘I’ whisper in the wind? The whisper…Change, Charge, Change, Charge. ‘I’ is the Ruler that measures within and the One that draws the line without. .

‘I’ is a-line, a-lined, a-line’ment. ‘I’ has the Super Vision and ‘I’ is already acting on that which ‘You’ cannot see yet.

Can ‘you’ sense the Standing, Charge grow?

‘I’ is in the thunderstorm, the whirlwind, and the lightning bolt that has yet to strike

‘I’ Charge ‘You’ to Choose ‘You’r State.

‘I’ Choose ‘You’ to Change ‘You’r’ State.

‘I’ Change ‘You’ to Charge ‘You’r’ State.

Every movement is a magic ceremony if ‘You’ and ‘I’ make it so. i and I.

Every sound is a Spell of magical change if ‘You’ and ‘I’ imbue it thus. I and I.

Are ‘you’ a manifestation of the ‘Great I’, or aren’t ‘you’? I and I.

Do ‘you’ need a project to excuse you?

A t-shirt to explain ‘you’?

A banner or slogan to stand under to Be It?

Do ‘you’ need the shield of a song to sing, or the tune of music to hide ‘you’r dance within?

‘I’ don’t. Come On: Come In; Come Out.

I to I, Pupil to Pupil

I Is Coming.

I wrote a longer version of this but you didn’t like…or did you write it and I didn’t like it?