Repairing the Ruler


We all have two Rulers, two 'measuring sticks' to either feel good or not about ourselves, our deeds, our progress: two 'entities' that can Take Charge of our personal state (of wellbeing, self-belief, self-confidence)

There is the external Ruler, which is when we are measured & valued by those outside ourselves.  Those who live only with the external Ruler only feel good when others are approving, validating or accrediting you.

The entirety of the western and scientific model is that of external validation and accreditation: your subjective, internal, personal measures are considered worthless (unless, of course, you have been externally 'accredited' by an 'external ruler' ie an accrediting authority)

The Internal Ruler is when your own experience, perspective, and judgement is used to determine what is success or not, what is valuable or not, what is worthwhile or not.  Governed by the internal Ruler, some are unaffected in their self-belief and confidence in their purpose when others do not agree, approve or value their deeds.

Neither of these on their own is desirable.  But most people in the west have a broken Internal Ruler: they do not know how to measure the value of what they find inside themselves (valuing it either too poorly or too highly), they do not know how to take charge of their personal state of wellbeing so it is unshaken by the  tales of events happening to other, which is not a lack of empathy, but a healthy boundary.  That boundary is the marker of your personal State and the world at large.  If you have no sense of that, then you truly have a broken internal ruler.

Breaking the internal ruler is the primary outcome of the western education and upbringing system.  The internal Ruler is initially broken by parents, and then annihilated by state education (what you think/have to say/want to do about it has no value until 'we' accredit you, coupled with 'I have been accredited and so my words have value' {even though they may be dross}).

This course seeks to repair that issue, at Source.  The journey is surprising from outset and begins deep in the preconscious, in the very shape of the mind itself.

rediscover and reconnect with the value of your truly unique Character with this empowering and uplifting deprogramme.

Note this course works at such a fundamental part of the mind that numerous issues are tackled at the same time:   in the process of the Repairing of the Internal Ruler: You will return to the indigenous mind within you,  healing the frantic rats-maze of the learned mind; you will heal the collared masculine and discover the magnificent compass of the feminine through the understanding and greater balance of the genders within you; you will empower your lifes purpose with new levels of conviction of value.


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