Authority is about 'the author.'  The one who tells a story.

In the family home, 'mum and dad' are usually 'the storyteller' - they tell the story of the decor, how and when it changes, what the rules for living are, when we eat, when we travel etc

In the workplace, the employer is 'the storyteller' - they tell the story of what you will do there while you are there, what the story of expected behaviour and attire is and so on.

but the BIG story, the BIG 'author-ity,' is the story of life:  what is a human being and what should it be doing with its time to feel like it is being a good human being, or a worthwhile contribution to life?  what are the worthy endeavours? these are part of 'the big story'.

For some reading this, you may have already begun to take charge of the story of your lives, but for others, you may be trapped in the thrall of others 'stories' about the world.