Gender is an expression of electromagnetism in animal forms.

the feminine is magnetic, which is why women have the experiences with men that they do, and it is why men are 'drawn to' women, in literal 'tractor-beam' like magnetism.  This manifests as attractiveness and repulsiveness, and as the ability to sense the (bio)magnetic field in any place or space 1 is in.

the masculine is electrical, which is why men can sometimes 'take charge' or 'discharge' too soon, it is also where men get their bursts of power from.   This manifests as Charge energy in people, the charge for change, as well as the ability to stand with and in energy without the body flapping and flailing in unskilled or undesirable behaviours, a 'Taking of Charge' (within).

Men and women have both in them.  No exceptions.  How well we can wield them is how well we master the art of Gender.  They manifest in every aspect of life, in every interaction.  For many people their inexpertness with gender means their relationships never take on the quality, length or intensity that they dream of.

The gender work on this site is about how both charge and magnetism influence our lives and behaviours, and how to get good with it.  Believe it or not, it is a gender issue as to whether or not you can Take Charge of your own state of wellbeing and self-worth!

What about LGBT?

There is no 'Political Correctness' in Toltec gender, or Toltec anything for that matter!

There is no 'LGBTQIA+' as a 'gender.'  (now my young snowflakes, do not go all into apoplexy! read on and feel for what makes sense).  Homosexuality will get its own referencing on the site in time - it is recognised within toltequity and deserves special mention.

There are men and women. Those men and women both have masculinity (the electric charge capacity) and femininity (magnetism and magnetic sensitivity) in them.  No biological exceptions have I ever encountered - ever.  LGBTQIA+ behaviours are expressions of the masculine and feminine in men and women.  Just as heterosexuality is.

Only heterosexuality is a fertile position so it is the only one that serves the species at a primal level, but behavioural exploration into other permutations of sensual and sexual play between men and women can yield much fruit for awareness and human insight for the consciousness side of life.

It is worth noting that from a Toltec gender perspective, other than homosexuality, the others are not true 'genders' but behaviours resulting from the interaction between the genders of masculine and feminine within and how the individual has interpreted that interaction.

for example:

it is not possible to 'be born in the wrong body' from a Gender point of view. That sense is an interpretation of an awareness that is confused about the interaction of Charge and Magnetism within and what it means when it does not match that which is on view in the world at large.

The work of M Scott Peck is helpful here: he says that in his work as a psychiatrist, he helps people come to terms with how they feel where 'the term' for it is the name.   For without the proper name, how can we know another knows what we mean, how can I know I have named my feeling correctly?  How can I feel understood? This is where others can help us pick apart a very subjective affair.

Now, I am a father of 3 children.  When they are young ,they do not have words for objects and needs let alone feelings.  One by one they learn the words and the contexts, with help.  That is tricky enough with the objective world, and requires attentiveness, but when it comes to feelings, it is even trickier.

The role of the adult guide is to interpret the needs of those in their care.  for example, a child may be tired and needing space but does not know what that feeling is, instead they keep going and their behaviour becomes stroppier and rattier and more disruptive - they do not know how to say 'I have had enough, I need a break'.  a perceptive adult can step in and provide the much needed relief for all concerned.  The child settles enjoying the space,  peace and quiet it did not know it needed.  This is not an imposition of authority, but an act of Supervision.

Now, lets look at a young LGBTQIA+ person  in a search for word for something difficult to express - a confusing range of feelings within: a blending of cultural curiosity and distaste, research and social invasion (enforcing ideas on someone before they are ready), within a broad sensual range, and without much overt dexterity, skill or language on such subjects in use by the adults around them.

A young person in such a situation comes out with the obvious 'I feel more man than woman! or vice versa' - because there are likely few other words in their possession to express the gamut of feelings coming to a head.

It is the role of the adults around such young to help interpret such feelings, believe it or not, a young person like that is NOT saying they 'want to be the other sex' they are saying they need help to COME TO TERMS, which is to come to the name, to contextualise their feelings (of sensuality, confusion, gender disassociation, safety & fear).  

We are long past the time of any mass update of this way of interpreting the expressions of the young.  Any 'confused' now will be signposted to a list of all sorts of sensual indulgences, all approved and sanctioned by modern culture.  I must admit I find our cultural position of 'anything goes' and 'you can be whatever gender you like!' misses the point that gender is actually based on something and is not 100% a behaviour, which modern psychology seeems to try to paint.

My sense on this is that this is because most of the recent work on gender (in the last 40 years) has been done by homosexuals as they were the main ones charting new gender territory and daring delve so deep and speak so openly.

In my opinion, this  has skewed the body of thought on gender into unhelpful territory. Just like the work of Freud was seen as misleading later by some  because it was all based on abnormal individuals who needed help,  similarly while homosexuals are not abnormal, they are basing the 'whole story' of gender they present based on their own situation and perspective, where a bit of confirmation bias should, nay must, be expected.

If a generation of work is produced by such people with few heterosexuals adding to the gender works, then it willlook 'normal' to those in the immediate following generations that the 'homosexual position' is the cutting edge one, when in the broader context, it was temporarily more vocal and exploratory.

Of course, the third wave feminist babylonians, sjw's and suchlike will cry a witch hunt over such a statement, but I stand by it - those other 'options' are not genders, but behaviours.

We are such complex sensual and sexual beings that are contact starved from a young age in the west.  This means that when we sensually stir at puberty, our culture is not well developed to handle it well. As a result we have all sorts of sordid and playful explorations going on.  This period of transitional sexual extremism will restabilise again when our population naturally drops as a result of these behaviours.

For those seeking alternative influence, the work of Theun Mares is simply the best gender work ever produced in my opinion, and is far deeper in scope and possibility than anything in any mainstream institute.  His lighter works looking at behaviour are 'the quest for maleness' and 'unveiling the mysteries of the female' and the heavier gender detail is in 'cry of the eagle' and 'shadows of wolf fire'.