Toltecs you may have heard of include Carlos Castaneda, Don Miguel Ruez and the lesser known but master none-the-less Theun Mares.

Other lesser known Toltecs include Florinda Donner Grau, Taisha Abelar, Ken Eagle Feather and I suspect that the work of Anastasia in her books is one of the forgotten Toltec branches (forgotten in that the name Toltec has been lost from her tradition, but her methods scream Toltec to me).

The Toltec tradition is easily confused with the central American peoples, the Toltecs, but they are not the same.  The Toltec I refer to is an ancient body of knowledge and relationship of self and the world, but is remade every generation by every Nagual who takes the teachings as revealed to them, is hurled into the abstract by them, only to return with an evolved referencing to aid the new waves Now and to follow.

The Toltec tradition as it was, as with all lineages, is at an end.  This was clearly alluded to by both Don Juan via Castaneda, and Theun Mares.  This is due to the wrapping up of an entire chapter of human perspective and expression.  All discrete lineages are surfacing for the fruits to be integrated by the new waves of human spirit taking form.

The integration of these heretofore hidden and disparate systems by acutely insightful, aware and supported humans will start the new chapter which will emerge from the dying civilisation of Babylon, charting a new path with little heed to the ravings of the very lost Babylonians and their last infertile generations with their infertile ideologies.