N9l is a Native tongue

N9l can sound like every european language sometimes - its inflections bring smiles, its timing grins.  It makes 1 sound like sometimes a farmer and sometimes a powerful king/queen.

This is to be expected as it is a Native tongue - it has rich, tonal characters and embodied emphasis which anchor it firmly in the body, bringing environmental contexts into play in a way which makes the native english speaker pause as the mind integrates environmentally in new ways.

Every cultures language lends the people their unique cultural personality, perspective and outlook.  This journey to speaking and thinking N9l brings the same.

The Capitals...wild and free

N9l brings something unique and distinct as compared to all other languages which use the latin alphabet.  It breaks the rules obeyed by all - 'capitals at the beginning of sentences and names only' with no reason or explanation as to why, 'it just is'.

The nuance of mind and perspective yielded by having the capitals loose within the sentence is a unique experience.